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    Are your barcodes suitable for any retail product?
    Yes. All retail products worldwide use an EAN or UPC barcode – and these are the type of barcodes that we sell.
    If I get a barcode from you, how will I receive it?
    If you order a barcode package through our website here or via email, you will receive your barcode by email with the images,text or excel file as attached files (BMP, PNG, EMF, xlsx). Our all order are delivered in minimum an hour and less than 8 hours.
    Amazon changed their policy, do your codes still work?
    Yes, our codes work. Some people suggest that Amazon won’t accept 3rd party codes, but this is not true. They simply want GS1 verified codes, and not “air codes” that don’t verify with the GS1. Our codes verify with the GS1 and are accepted on all major platforms and services, including Amazon.
    When I search the GS1 database, a different company comes up, not mine. Why?
    The GS1 prefix owner name doesn’t change in the database even though UPCs do change ownership all the time, hence why an unfamiliar company may show up. All that company means in the GS1 database is that the code is GS1 verified. The name in the database is the original prefix owner, not the current UPC owner. Your code will work fine on Amazon/Google/iTunes, etc. without issue, and we don't offer a money back guarantee.
    Do I need a separate UPC Codes for every product?
    Yes, you need a different UPC code for each UNIQUE product that you sell. For example, let’s imagine you have a t-shirt company and you want to sell 3 different color shirts of the same size, you’ll need 3 UPC codes. Then, let’s imagine you have 3 different colored shirts in 3 different sizes, you’ll need a total of 9 UPC Codes.

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